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by Entwistle on 25 April 2017

Entwistle will participate, for the very first time, in the prestigious New York edition of Frieze, the renowned and groundbreaking art fair founded in London in 2003.

Entwistle will participate in this dynamic art fair with a selection of artworks highlighting the epitome of achievement in the sculptural traditions of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

Among the works we will be exhibiting is an exquisite asiε usu seated figure from the Baule peoples of the Ivory Coast [left]. The idealized male figure sits on an elegant stool whose cubistic, faceted form acts as great counter-play against the sensuous and graceful naturalism of the human figure. At the same time, the rigidity of the stool reiterates the meditative immobility of the figure as well as contrasts its natural beauty.


We will also be displaying what is arguably one of the best examples of the iconic war clubs known as u'u from the Marquesas Islands of Polynesia [see below]. Formerly in the collections of James Hooper, Morris Pinto and Hélène and Philippe Leloup, it is a sublime sculpural achievement that evokes, through anthropomorphic and graphic elements, the spiritual force, mana, of the warrior's ancestors thought to be contained within.

This year, Entwistle will also be showcasing works from two of the renowned masters of post-war Japanese art, Hisao Domoto and Toshimitsu Imai. The abstract vitality and chromatic intensity contained within their work function with remarkable synergy alongside the realism and three dimensionality of the tribal masterpieces with which they will share centre-stage. 

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