Entwistle’s unrivalled knowledge of the international market enables us to give the most accurate appraisals possible of tribal works of art, both for purposes of sale and insurance. 

Advice on Buying

Entwistle regularly advises intending purchasers of tribal works of art both privately and at auction. Additionally, we can assist our clients in developing overall strategies for their collections.

Advice on Selling

As leading dealers in the field, Entwistle has an unrivalled reputation in acting as agents for the sale of tribal works of art. We have historically achieved excellent results, placing important works in leading private collections and museums. In addition to acting as agents, we are in a position to purchase outright if this is the preferred approach of our clients.


Questions of authenticity in tribal art are of constant concern to collectors. We provide our own impartial advice if requested but also consult with the appropriate scholars, art scientists and qualified professional colleagues if necessary.


The condition of tribal works of art, often made of fragile or unstable materials, is a significant concern for collectors. We are highly qualified to report on condition and make recommendations. Where intervention seems advisable, we can refer clients to the best qualified conservators.

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