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TEFAF 2017

by Entwistle on 24 February 2017

Entwistle participated, for the ninth consecutive year, in this prestigious fair representing... excellence in the material arts of Africa, Oceania, Australia and the great tribal art centres of the world.

Among the highlights this year, Entwistle exhibited a remarkable Bamileke caryatid stool from Cameroon; a rare warup drum from the Torres Strait in Melanesia; and an exquisite ceremonial bell with bird element from the Kongo peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo [left].

In addition, we presented an extraordinary Roman black-marble torso from the 1st to 2nd century A.D, one of the most acclaimed objects at the fair, and showcased works from some of the celebrated masters of post-war Asian art -  Hisao Domoto, Toshimitsu Imai and Lee Ufan.

Susan Moore has written an article in the Weekend edition of The Financial Times (FT) for 4th/5th March, 2017 commenting on the increase of representation of African art at this celebrated art fair and illustrating our participation in it:

Read FT's coverage of Entwistle at TEFAF 2017.pdf

Additionally, Tribal Art magazine has interviewed Lance Entwistle at TEFAF 2017, where he discusses one of the masterpieces we brought to the fair, a 19th century royal caryatid stool from the Bamileke peoples of Cameroon:

Tribal Art magazine interviews Lance Entwistle at TEFAF 2017


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