Chokwe Standing Figure mwanangana

Chokwe Standing Chieftain Figure - now in the collection of the Private Collection - image 1

Chokwe peoples, Angola
Height: 38 cm

René Rasmussen, Paris
Loudmer et al, Paris
Count Jean-Jacques de Launoit, Brussels

Selected Exhibition History
21 February-26 April 1987, Richmond, VA, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Perspectives: Angles on African Art
13 October 1988-25 February 1989, Paris, Musée Dapper, Art et Mythologie-Figures Tshokwe
21 September 2011-29 January 2012, New York, Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures

Selected Publication History
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Pierre Meauzé, African Art: Sculpture, London, 1968, fig 135
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Acquired from Entwistle by
Private Collection