Kongo Vili Power Figurengovi bèle

Kongo Vili Power Figure - now in the collection of the Private Collection - image 1

Kongo peoples, Vili sub-group
Loango coastal region, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wood, ochre polychrome, fabric attachments, metal tacks, glass
19th century
Height: 42.5 cm

Robert Visser (1860-1937), collected in the field before 1904
Private Collection (by descent from above)
Udo Horstmann, Zug, Switzerland (acquired directly from Visser’s descendants)
Entwistle, London and Paris
Private Collection, USA

Selected Publication History
Katrin Adler and Christine Stelzig, ‘Robert Visser and his Photographs from the Loango Coast’, in: African Arts, vol. XXXV, no. 4, Winter 2002, p. 39

Acquired from Entwistle by
Private Collection