Maori Figure pou whakairo

Maori Figure - now in the collection of the Private Collection - image 1

Maori peoples, New Zealand
Wood, shell, human hair
Height: 39 cm

Private Collection, Scotland
Phillips, London
John Kennedy, New York
Private Collection, England
Sotheby's, London

Selected Publication History
Roger Neich, 'Another Free-standing Maori Figure with Attached Hair', in: Journal of the Polynesian Society, vol 89, n° 4, 1980,
p 508-512
Charles W. Mack, Polynesian Art at Auction, 1965-1980, 1982, p 87, pl 29, n° 1
Vincent Bounoure, Vision d'Océanie, 1992, p 22
Te Riria and Simmons, Moko Rangatira: Māori Tattoo, 1999, p 'L'

Acquired from Entwistle by
Private Collection